Our Mission:  Why we exist?

The reason this ministry exists is to pass on God's principles from one generation to another:

  • By deepening the roots of individuals with God's truth through mentoring, teaching, speaking, and writing.
  • By developing the foundation of pre-engaged and engaged couples to grow in Christ and make family a priority through curriculum instruction on relationships, mate selection, and marriage preparation.
  • By encouraging busy families to focus on what is most important -- God and each other through church/community conferences, retreats, and parent forums.

Our Vision:  What we want to become?

Through fulfilling the purpose and mission, our hope is to deepen the roots of individuals with God’s truth so that their foundation as a married couple will be developed for the sake of the family institution. By strengthening the family they will in turn pass on God’s principles from one generation to the next.

Our Core Values:  What we believe?

Throughout Scriptures the idea of passing on a Biblical legacy is consistent. A society is influenced by the truth of God being taught to the next generation. These five essentials guide our ministry model.

  • Biblical
  • Experiential
  • Authentic
  • Relational
  • Practical

Ministry Overview


Deepening the roots firmly planted in Christ through: 

  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Writing
  • Speaking at churches, & universities


Developing a strong foundation through:

  • 6 week marriage prep classes
  • Weekenders [retreats] 
  • Marriage preparation materials
  • Before Forever -- pre-engaged, seriously dating book
  • ReUnion retreat for couples married less than five years


Reproducing a Godly legacy through:

  • Church/Community Conferences
  • Small group marriage curriculum
  • Partnering with Christian counselors and marriage intensives to restore couples in crisis