Legacy Marriage Conference

Sex Talks: The Naked Truth

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Welcome to a two-day conversation about sex. We know that the mere thought of engaging in this topic with your spouse may bring up anxiety for some and curious anticipation for others. Our hope at Legacy Family Ministries is to dive into a topic that is all too often overlooked in the Church and equip couples to show up to their marriage with a healthier, clearer, more holistic approach to their sex life. And we'll look at it all from the perspective of the One who created the gift of sex in the first place. If you find yourself stuck or in need of help, a list of "Helpful Couple Resources" are available on our website.

Due to the generosity of gracious donors, the Legacy Marriage Conference “talks” will be available FREE until Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

  • NOTE: Each "PART" is one video and includes the SEXTalks listed below. On the red YouTube video progress bar, it is divided by talks.
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  • Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
  • Please share these talks with others who were not able to attend our conference.

It is our sincere hope that this time will respectfully help married couples discover the best sex...the way God meant for it to be enjoyed.