featuring Byron and Carla Weathersbee

  • Seven informative conversations for couples preparing for marriage by couples in marriage.

  • Matt and Dana Roefer were engaged and soon heading into marriage when they were introduced to Byron and Carla Weathersbee. Anyone that has been or is married knows that marriage is difficult. We come together with our own personal stories, expectations, and upbringing.

    For years, Carla and Byron have walked alongside pre-married couples, to set their path on the right foot. Their ministries has been a gift to hundreds (likely thousands at this point) and is creating incredible legacy through strong families.

  • In this episode, Byron and Carla discuss their journey through childhood cancer, raising their children, their kid's right-of-passage mission trips when they became teenagers, and patient discipleship as a family.

  • FROM HUNTER BELESS: On this episode of the Journeywomen podcast I had the privilege of chatting with Carla Weathersbee, a family friend and expert on marriage. We talked about everything from the purpose of marriage and how marriage points us to the Gospel to fighting for oneness within our unique marriages. Carla and her husband Byron founded Legacy Family Ministries to pass Biblical principles from one generation to another through marriage preparation classes and Family Camps. All of that to say, Carla’s got a lot to say about marriage and I cannot wait for ya’ll to get to hear from her!